Caterpillar Replacement Hydraulic Track Tensioners

How many times have you heard the “Click” of a loose track and just ignored it because of the downtime required to make an adjustment?

Now, once and for all, you can put an end to this annoying problem. Introducing the Hydraulic Track Tensioner from Rubber Tracks USA, Inc.

It’s no secret that track tension is critical to driving lug wear. But you can put an end to these problems by using our greased hydraulic tensioners. They have been specifically designed for Caterpillar® rubber track skid steer loaders and they will help you reduce your downtime when adjusting the track tension.

No more swinging large spanners, shifters or wrenches in the mud when trying to adjust your tracks. With our track tensioner, it only takes about 30 seconds and a simple grease gun, and you’re adjusting your tracks tension on the fly.

And as a secondary benefit, our hydraulic tensioners will dramatically reduce the time it takes you to normally remove your rubber tracks! To completely compress a fully tensioned track for removal, you simply unscrew the grease nipple and release the pressure. It couldn’t be any easier!

Take a look at these amazing prices:

1. Hydraulic Track Tensioner Style #1
$150 each
Fits: Caterpillar® 247 /257 or similar model
Hydraulic Track Tensioner Style #1
2. Hydraulic Track Tensioner Style #2
$2000 each
Fits: Caterpillar® 267 / 287 or similar models
Hydraulic Track Tensioner Style #2

To learn more about our Hydraulic Track Tensioners for your Caterpillar® tm Compact Track Loader, please call us at 866-900-1790. Or you can use the online form in the upper left side of this page.