300×52.5kx88 Used Rubber Track Condition: 8/10



Machine Applications

This Track Will Fit The Following Machines:

Case CX36B

Various VTS applicationsIMPORTANT! Please make note if your model has one of these codes:(S) The manufacturer used different sizes of tracks on this model. Confirm Size Before Ordering.(W) The manufacturer offered different widths of tracks on this model. Confirm Width Before Ordering.

Track Specifications

  • Inspection Rating
  • 8.00
  • Width
  • 300mm (12in)
  • Pitch
  • 52.5mm
  • Links
  • 88
  • Track References
  • 300×52.5kx88
  • Style
  • Excavator Style
  • Part Number
  • 0000108
  • Inspection Notes
  • Good Tread, No visiable defects

Determining The Size of Your Rubber Track

If your model has an (S) after it, then the manufacturer made the track in different sizes. You can narrow down which size track you have by doing the following:Physically examine the inside edge of your track and look for a size imprinted into the track. A size stamped in the track, might be backwards on a couple of numbers. This is only done to confuse you. OEM manufacturers have started only putting part numbers on their tracks, to make it harder to identify, but hopefully you can find something meaningful on your track. The numbers you are looking for are the same 3 things listed below.1. Measure the width of the track using a tape measure. Do the best you can. Take that measurement and multiply by 25.4 and this will give you the width of your track in millimeters (mm).2. Measure the “Pitch” of the track by measuring from center to center between the links in your track. The links are the pieces on the INSIDE of the track that your sprocket and idler wheels run inside. I find it easiest to actually hang the tape measure on the left side of a link and measure to the left side of the next link. Finding the exact center can be difficult. After you get this measurement, multiply by 25.4 and this will give you the pitch of the track in millimeters (mm).3. Count the number of “Links” inside the track. We recommend that you mark your starting point, so you do not count that link twice. It is also a good idea to count them twice, just to be sure.These 3 items make up the size of your track. Width x Pitch x Links. You will often see it as 300x54x90. 300mm Wide x 54mm Pitch x 90 Links. In addition to these numbers, you will see that there are often letters added as well. These letters determine the style of the track and the width of the guiding system. If the answer isn’t given with the information found in Width x Pitch x Links, then we recommend giving us a call and we can help you narrow down the right size for your machine. Heck, you could do that first, if you want!

Used Rubber Track Warranty

All used rubber tracks come with a 14 Day (From the date of receipt) warranty against catastrophic failure. Catastrophic failure is when a track will no longer function. It is understood that this is a “Used” product and that the useful life of the track remains unknown. Please Note that this is NOT a new track and may not be a DuroForce rubber track and does NOT come with the DuroForce 15 Month Free Replacement Warranty.

Additional information

Weight 377 lbs