Excavator Rubber Tracks

Are You Looking to Save Money When Replacing Your Mini Excavator Rubber Tracks

This page is designed to provide you with information that will save you money when shopping for your new set of mini excavator rubber tracks. So many owners simply go back to the Dealer or Manufacturer and order a replacement set without even thinking about checking for other options. And unfortunately, they are going to over pay for their mistake.

Aftermarket tracks for all brands of mini excavators have been available for years and, in most cases, they are manufactured to exceed the standers set by the original manufacturers – and do it at a lower cost than the Dealers offer.

DuroForce® Rubber Tracks are the exclusive aftermarket track offered by Rubber Tracks USA, Inc. These rubber tracks are manufactured to our specified standards, which exceed the minimum requirements set by the OEMs – and we will save you hundreds of dollars in the process.

Stop Overpaying for Rubber Track – and Insist on DuroForce Rubber Tracks for your Equipment.

We carry replacement tracks for all mini excavators, including Bobcat, Takeuchi, Kubota, CASE, Caterpillar, Daewoo, Ditch Witch, IHI, Komatsu, and many more. Furthermore, we carry a huge inventory in our private warehouse in Atlanta Georgia and we manufacture tracks to OUR specifications.

Additionally, we carry undercarriage parts for your excavators (skid steers too), so you can save even more and get your equipment back on the job quickly.

Not All Aftermarket Vendors are the Same – Buyer Beware!

You must be careful when choosing an aftermarket vendor. A large portion of these vendors simply push any track they can get their hands on. But, it easy to spot them, they’ll clam things like, ‘multiple warehouses throughout the nation’ without giving any real business or warehouse address. That’s because they are selling (with a higher markup) other vendors’ left over products.

graphic image of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

These fly by night vendors are NOT providing a consistent product that is manufactured to a tested standard. Additionally, they have no idea how these tracks are manufactured, what type of materials are used in the process, or even who the manufacture is… They don’t really care.

Their only concern is bottom line profit and hoping and praying that you never call with a problem! Of course, their customers hope they are still in business when they call back and pray they will actually help them when they do.

We had an opportunity to speak with an owner of one of these vendors on the subject of guarantees and customer refunds. We were shocked and flabbergasted with his caviler comments. To paraphrase, “we offer a guarantee, but we don’t give any money back to the customer (he started to laugh here…), we simply state that the track failed because of customer abuse.”

Obviously, we were shocked and quite frankly we got really mad. We are disappointed that this type of behavior in our industry, but the reality is… it is happening!

So please, buyer beware.

You can help by sharing this information with your fellow equipment owners.

Why We Have Thousands of Repeat Customers

We stand behind our mini excavator rubber tracks with an 18 month or 1,500 hour guarantee! If by any chance, you have a problem, call the same number you used to place your order. –You can even speak to the same salesperson whom you’ve built a relationship. We will promptly and courteously help you with your issues. This is a very important part of our quality standards and we take this very seriously.

Of course, we hope you never have a problem, but if you do, rest assured that we will do the right thing. We are looking for lifetime customers, not short term profits. This is why we have continued to grow, even during these tough economic times.

Our American Owned parent company has been in business since the mid 1950s and we’ve been selling replacement rubber tracks online since 2006 (and offline for many years before that). We are one of the oldest and most trusted aftermarket rubber tracks companies online. You can feel safe knowing that Rubber Tracks USA, Inc. is the right company to send your business.

…One of our friendly Replacement Rubber Track Experts will be happy to answer any question you may have about replacement
rubber tracks for your excavator or track loader.

Why not give us a call right now at 866-900-1790, or use the simple online form located in the upper left side of this page.