Used Rubber Tracks

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Stringent 10 Point Inspection

Each of our tracks is put through a 10 Point Inspection to look for any problem that would keep the track from functioning on a machine. While the tracks are used, they should still work. It is important for us to give you the best possible depiction of the track you are about to purchase. As part of our process, we evaluate the physical condition of the track, including cuts, exposed cords, breaks and tread condition vs a new rubber track. We present the used products we offer in an honest way and every effort to provide clear and accurate details of the track with pictures to not only depict the quality of the product, but also it’s issues.

14 Day Warranty.

We offer a 14 day warranty that starts on the day you recieve your used track. The warranty covers catastrophic failure, i.e. if the track breaks/tears and is unable to power your machine. Our warranty DOES NOT cover any dents, dings, gouges, cuts or scrapes. Your warranty claim, if approved, will cover a replacement used track of comparable value or a refund of the used track purchase price. Refund DOES NOT include shipping and handling costs.